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At Blood of jesus we believe that all children in the world have the right to be
cared for and the right to be protected

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As a result of our ministry to children and elderly Women BOJMU will be trusted by the church world wide as the leading authority for holistic / child development and will be global bench mank for excellence in child sponsorship.

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Pure Food & Water

Feeding is one of our daily challenges, At the moment we have 32 children in the program that we have to feed on a daily basis, However we are looking at starting a farm that will us to meet our feeding expenses efficiently and reduce expenditure.


Through our medical program, the children recieve medical checkup once every month to ensure that they are healthy and free from diseases like malaria and other diseases.

We also provide mosquito nets and other medical supplies to the community atleast every two month, this helps to ensure that the community is free and safe from diseases like malaria which is one factors increasing deaths

We have managed to give primary education

We have managed to give primary education to over 30 children with in the community, Though we looking at acquiring land to build a school that can accomodate over 200 children so as to increase on our service delivery and community outreach to those in need and to fight the highly increasing levels of poverty brought as a result of lack of Education.

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Our mission is to get children, elderly women and Volunarable people from poverty.
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The best way to find your self is to lose yourself in the service of others

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