About Us


Getting children, elderly, woman and Volunarable people from poverty


A world in which every child attains the right to survive, protection, development and participation


The objectives for which the organisation is established are:

  1. To work hand in hand in openness with communities to save under priviliged children who are malnuurished, abused, neglected (volunarable) or elderly.
  2. Introduce vocation training courses for widows elderly women and the school drop out girl child
  3. To mobilize, sensitize and organize women and in management farming whereby the project has to serve as the training centre.
  4. To make every child to be known, loved and protected
  5. To ensure that all become holisitic development

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About Us

Blood of Jesus is in christ-centred organisation committed to the church as such, we value

Inegrity, EXcellence, Stewardship, Discernment and Diginity

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Meet our Board


Joyce Darnell Leuthart

Chairperson at BOJMU

Joyce studied from Drury University, lives in New Hartford Missiouri and work as a Fundraiser at Blood of Jesus Ministries Uganda

Gerard Micheal

Fundraiser and Vice chairperson at BOJMU

Comes from st Louis town

Butch Leuthart

Advisor at BOJMU

Butch is Auditor by trade, studied industrial safety management from American institute of Banking and also studied auditing from university of central Mo where he is working as an auditor.


Lufafa Ronald

Director at BOJMU

Ronald is a teacher by trade, studied Education from Busoga University and Phieology from Mukono Christian University

Taabu Scovia

Secretary at BOJMU

A graduate of Kampala University, Taabu Scovia is a teacher by trade. She also Volunteers with various organisations around the community.

Kisule Herman


An Engineer by trade. Herman has volunteered with BOJMU as a treasurer from the very beginning

Walyomu Brian

Mobilizer at BOJMU

A carpenter by trade. Brian has Volunteered with BOJMU as Mobilizer from the very beginning

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